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Announcing Purplebee's has been acquired by SCHWAZZE (Formerly known as Medicine Man Technologies). CLICK HERE for more information.

Pure CO2 Extracts From Pure Cannabis

Welcome, and thanks for visiting our website! All of our products are made with CO2 cannabis oil, extracted on-site from the finest locally-grown cannabis in Colorado. We are a locally-owned, veteran-owned, woman-owned and operated company.

Our extracts are never cut with propylene glycol or other oils. We don’t add anything to our extracts. No colors. No artificial flavors. We believe cannabis should be cannabis flavored and completely natural with nothing artificial in the mix. We extract with supercritical carbon dioxide technology, the only natural, safe solvent that is not harmful to ingest.

Do You Own A Cannabis Retail Shop or Distributorship?

If you own a Cannabis store or distributorship, you need to look into Purplebees Extracts! We produce Pure CO2 Extracts that come from plants approved by our "Pure Cannabis" standard.

To be "Pure Cannabis" all plants must have completely clean genetics for at least 20 generations back. Most manufacturers don't even come close. This insures that any extract from Purplebees is the purest, highest quality extract available.

Don't leave your customers with a bad taste in their mouth for your business! Carry Purplebees Pure CO2 Extracts and you can always be confident you are carrying the best! Visit our wholesale page for more information about carrying Purplebee's Pure CO2 products.