How Purplebee's Came To Be

A Little About Our History

Purplebees Is Proof That Legal Cannabis Is Revitalizing Communities

Jim and Pam Parco grew up in Pueblo County. In fact, Jim was born and raised next door to where the store is today. He remembers when Pueblo had a thriving steel industry, and he witnessed the devastation of losing it in the 1980s. Pueblo never really recovered, and it remained one of the most economically depressed counties in the state for decades.

When Colorado legalized adult-use retail cannabis in November 2012, Jim & Pam saw an opportunity. After retiring from the Air Force after twenty years on active duty, they moved back home and started a vertically-integrated operation. Since then, Pueblo County has seen an economic boom — all thanks to cannabis legalization.

Jim grew up next to Greenwood’s Restaurant - a thriving diner from the 1940s until 1980.. The small building sat on the corner of Baxter Road and Highway 50 East on the outskirts of Pueblo. Eventually, the diner closed and changed hands, and the building became a bar and later, two different Mexican restaurants. Then when the roof collapsed from a lack of maintenance, the structure was condemned and became vacant. Soon thereafter, the property became overgrown and a local dumping site. Every time Jim was home visiting his parents, they would complain about the abandoned building next door and the state of its growing disrepair. After Colorado legalized retail cannabis in 2012, Jim and Pam decided to buy the building and turn it into a dispensary and manufacturing business.

“We dumped our entire life savings, Pam quit her teaching job, and two years later, here we are,” he says. “Very rarely do you see a business professor who actually runs a business. I’m seeing if what I teach actually works — and thankfully, it does.”

Purplebee's Core Values

Our business is family-owned as well as Veteran and woman owned. Our business is our family too. We are committed to excellence and compliance. All our products are extracted using Pure CO2 technology. That means our products never contain hydrocarbons such as butane or other additives. We take pride in purity.


Get Smart

Cannabis is a vastly misunderstood plant. The popular belief is that this amazing plant has no benefits. Quite the contrary. A topic of much research, studies validate cannabinoids as valuable medical compounds with a variety of medicinal benefits.


Accept No Substitute

First and foremost, Purplebee's is in the compliance business. Because we excel in compliance, we are authorized to manufacture Cannabis extracts. All of our laboratory procedures are designed to yield the Pure CO2 extracted Cannabis while leaving the minimum possible footprint on our environment.


You Can Count On Us

Our goal is to match our customers with the best products for their needs. To do that, we listen. Then we share our expertise and knowledge to provide guidance. To us, each customer is unique. Our attention and hard work is focused to build long-term relationships with them. When our customers are successful in their choices, so are we. Plain and simple.


Love Is All You Need

We’ve all heard “do what you love, and love what you do”. At Purplebee's, we do just that. Everyday. We produce genuinely superior Cannabis extracts. And every day we meet new people that benefit from this remarkable plant. We help people with choices for better living. We are very blessed to do what we do.