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Purplebees Is Proof That Legal Cannabis Is Revitalizing Communities

Our business is family-owned as well as Veteran and woman owned. Our business is our family too. We are committed to excellence and compliance. All our products are extracted using Pure CO2 technology. That means our products never contain hydrocarbons such as butane or other additives. We take pride in purity.

We go beyond what is required by law and make certain all the material we extract from has been clear of all pesticides and herbicides for at least 20 generations back. When you concentrate cannabis products the impurities are concentrated as well. This means plant material with some chemical contaminants can produce extracts with concentrated chemical contamination. We use only Pure Cannabis in our production to make certain all of our products are free from both chemical contamination and hydrocarbon residue with our Pure CO2 extraction technique.

To purchase products wholesale from Purplebee's Extracts you must have a valid Colorado Cannabis License and fill out a basic application so we can best determine how we can meet your objectives. To initiate a wholesale account please contact our team at orders@purplebees.com